Why I started this blog

Why I started this blog

The reason I decided to start this blog

I have always wanted to write. Whether it be a short story, personal essay, or in my diary. The outlet of writing (or typing in this case) my thoughts and opinions gives me personal meditation. Becoming a new mother has opened my eyes tremendously. The thought of having to raise a child in todays world is the most terrifying thing. I needed a way to get my thoughts out there. I will also chronicle my day to day life shenanigans!


What I will write about

My decision to make a blog is to be personal but I will also include my own views and opinions as well as advice on a wide range of topics.

Breastfeeding– As a nursing mother who is still learning a great deal as well as struggling, I will talk about my experience thus far as well as my personal advice for new moms.

Motherhood– Mommin’ ain’t easy! I’m a new mom with a baby girl and only 2 months in at this point. I’ll post my thoughts and write about my days as a mommy learning her way.

And everything in between!

Those are main reasons and topics I plan to write about.

Other topics…..

With all that’s going on in the world, I will voice my opinion about current social problems and thoughts on certain subjects.

i.e: Politics, body positivity movement, current events, entertainment, food- The list goes on. These thoughts are my own and sometimes we need to rant even if no one is listening!



Welcome to the world of a musing mom!